The Little Piano Table

Have ever told you before how much I enjoy salvaging furniture? This little fellow was lost under a pile of broken Ikea shelves when I found him. I thought art was just some small bench or couch-side table. Imagine my surprise when I could open it and discovered it is a very sturdy little piece.

The Little Piano Bench - before

When it’s standing alone, it looks a little tall to be a piano table, and it doesn’t seem to have ever had any kind of cushion on it, but it does look like one.

I realized it needed something different than my usual finishing. So, after a lot of cleaning and a little sanding, I chose to go with white chalk paint, antiqued by black finishing wax, and then coated with a generous covering of beeswax.

Dimensions (approx) : H – 20″ (50.8 cm) x W – 30″ (76.2 cm) x D -12 ” (30.5 cm)

Available to own for $150 (plus shipping and handling)

Ephemeral – Rustic Markings Brush

This is my first attempt at making a marking tool, but it won’t be my last. I’ve been studying and collecting materials, sketching out ideas, and even letting the muse give me stories about each one. Ephemeral is exactly as its title suggests: every component is exceedingly fragile and yet beautiful.

To me there’s the essence of Wabi Sabi in it.

The branch and brush ends are from the hedge outside my house. Both completely desiccated and brittle. I’m not even sure how much ink they would hold for marking. The twine used to bind everything together is still strong, but also very dry. I used no glue or varnishes to solidify the binding, because I fell in love with the fragile beauty of it. It makes for a very interesting wall hanging.


The whole thing is about 25″ (63.5cm) long.

Available to own: $20 (plus shipping and handling)

There will be more such explorations in recycled, found, and repurposed materials at FOUND.

Rustic Marking Brush 1

The Wardrobe (Elevated from an old commode)

Take a little time hunting through my “Repurposed” posts on The New Renaissance Mindset and you’ll find an ambitious project I started last summer. I salvaged this old rundown cabinet that was tossed in the garbage.

The Old Commode before

It was in a pitiful state and I di in fact take pity on it. I dragged it home in a wheelbarrow, with the help if my wife and daughter. We set it down in the driveway and I quickly dove into it. First taking it apart and gently shooing out the wildlife that infested it, then carefully disinfecting it with very hot vinegar water. I sat to dry for a few days in my garage, before I sanded away the warn and gummy layers of shellac. Then it sat in the garage amidst a load of other projects until this Spring.

The Old Commode during

I brought into the house and painted the inside with turquoise chalk paint and went hunting for new handles. A much harder hunt than I expected. So, I used some cool hammered pewter spray paint to transform the handles and knob. I reassembles the whole thing in my foyer where it now stands waiting for our coats, hats, scarves, and visitors approval.

Dimensions: W – 36″ x H – 65.5″ x D – 20.5″

Available to Own: $2,250.00 (shipping and handling not included)

Mother Nature’s Love of Art (Transformations with Life #20)

Originally designed as champagne flutes for a Brazilian-Canadian fusion restaurant here in Montreal. The restaurant never got off the ground, but the dozen different prototypes sold like hotcakes. I kept one in storage and only recently discovered it while looking for perfect vessels in my transformation series.

The addition of the plant seems to remove the face vessel from the African influence and place it in the lavish estate of some long forgotten Roman senator. I image the plant will continue to grow and eventually deliver the feel of a jungle ruin to this small sculptural object.

Made from a heavily grogged stoneware, and glazed with a cone 6 black, glossy glaze. It is watertight and nice to hold in the hand.

Dimensions: W – 3″(base)/1.5″(top) x H – 8″ x D – 3″(base)/1.5″(top)

Available to own: $100 (plus shipping & handling, if applicable)

For more information on this and other pieces available to own, please visit Found – The Repurposed Design Company at

Loving Embrace (Transformations with Life #19)

This little bud vase has been left unattended and unloved for far too long. All its brothers and sisters were sold many years ago and I heard her cry for attention. Perfect timing for the transformation series.

A small creeping vine circles the vase in its loving embrace. Keeping it safe and warm. Hopefully, in time the vine will continue to wrap around and help her with her only challenge remaining; finding balance from toppling sideways.

Go back to her birthday in 2008. She is one of 27 vessels of varying sizes that got caught in a freak kiln accident. The survivors ended up with this caramel glaze, which started out as a variagated blue. The accident also seems to have fundamentally changed the colour of the clay body from white to terracotta, where the glaze touched it.

Dimensions: W – 2″ x H – 8″ x D – 2″

Available to own: $100 (plus shipping and handling, if applicable)

For more information on this and other pieces available to own, please visit Found – The Repurposed Design Company at

Loving Embrace 1

Loving Embrace 2

Loving Embrace 3