Design That Inspires A Gentle Touch

simple sideboard- before

I couldn’t resist the call to do something with this little piece. Salvaged from a moving sale, “priced-to-go” pile, it sat sad and unloved. Still in pretty good shape. The legs needed tightening and the surface needed a good dusting, but otherwise it looked good… Well, actually the tune-up returned it to boring, but something about it really moved me. I just wanted to love it.  For the most part, this sad little piece remained unremarkable. So what the heck could I do with it?

sexy sideboard table

Where To Take The Piece?

The Danish simplicity of the design pushes us to look for what aspects are the most attractive. Simple colours and crisp lines mean we can use it in almost any decor setting and it will offer a little contrast, as well as a base for more eclectic decorative choices:  bright glass or ceramic bowls, vases full of vibrant flowers, wild paintings or tapestries hung above it, or a touch of lovely fabric draped over it.

Now I needed to decide on the changes that would retain the versatility of the piece within any given decor and bring out the most beautiful aspects of its design. In my view, the elegance lies in the elongated lines of the design. It’s a relatively small piece, but looks long enough to become a focal point in a minimalist decor setting. So, I set to exaggerating those lines.

sexy sideboard table 2

Gently hand-sanding the old varnish off the solid-wood surface, I cleaned it again with warm water & vinegar, to raise the grain a little. I struggled with whether or not to paint the drawer front and decided to keep it unpainted, because I liked the grain on it. I also felt it drew the eye up, thus further elongating the legs. I chose a blackboard paint for the paint, because I felt the matte contrasted with the subtle finishing wax covering the wood. The finishing wax left a satin, semi-gloss finish and softened the grain of the wood.  I’m happy that I was able to use an old pewter knob, reclaimed from the growing store of odds and ends in my shop.


  • Original Materials: Solid Pine.
  • Refinished With: Charcoal Black Milk Paint and Clear Finishing Wax.
  • Dimensions: a) W – 28″ (71cm), D – 12″ (30cm), H – 28″ (71cm).
  • Retail Price: $200.00



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