This pitiful succulent was laying half out of its plastic pot when I found it in the hardware store garden centre. It needed some love. I wasn’t sure it would to survive being transplanted, much less be able to stand being formed and bent with wire. I gently added fresh earth around it and placed it in one of my more successful tea bowls. I watered it for a few days and watched it come back to life, before bending and shaping it into the bonsai form you see here. To my joy, it continued to get stronger.

The pot is slab built and tapped from an earthenware clay body. The glaze is a dark celadon dip that I brushed and in some places, splattered red iron oxide stain. The small bumps you see are scraps of porcelain I had laying around the studio before cleaning time. I rolled the soft pot in them before bisque firing.

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For more of my pots and ceramics, please visit Arts M.Perron



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