Don’t Panic, We’re In This Together (Transformations with Life #18)

Leave pieces out long enough and Mother Nature starts to add her own touches everything you make. I was inspired by some pieces I made for my dad’s garden, that slowly started to crack, get covered with mosses, and become homes for all sorts of plants and wildlife. These never went into the garden, much less outdoors, but I felt they would make excellent additions to my transformations series.

Here’s another never vase I made in my last firing many years ago that went right into storage, because of a move. It is one of very few pieces I made with a hand-made glossy black glaze on a stoneware body.

Dimensions: W – 6″ x H – 9″ x D – 4″

Available to own: $250 (plus shipping & handling, if applicable)

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Time to Grow Up (Transformations with Life #17)

I had a different plant in this small tea cup, but it died in a big downpour. I needed something that might fill the pot and work in a well lit place. This pair of hugging cacti fit the bill.

The pinch pot made with a stoneware clay body and decorated with various stains before the firing, also has a lichen like surface made by rolling the wet clay in dry porcelain remains.

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Dimensions: W – 3″ x D – 3″ x H – 6″

Available to own: $50 (plus shipping and handling)

Time To Grow Up

Raku and Living Eucalyptus (Transformations with Life #16)

I made this abstract vessel many years ago and I’ve never published a picture of, I think. I was in a dark place when I made it and didn’t really like it at first. It has moved around with me and gradually has found itself in more visible places. I recently had it in a certain lighting that made me just fall in love with it. When I started growing plants in some of my pieces, this one yelled across the house: “ME TOO!”

I’ve been wondering what to put in it. I had considered grape vines, a small pine tree, a. creeping cactus, then I found the eucalyptus you see in the picture. It seemed to need something to compliment it’s beautiful coloured leaves. It’s almost as if they called to each other.

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Dimensions: W – 9″ x D – 8″ x H(pot) – 8″

Available to own: $120 (plus shipping and handling)

Raku and Living Eucalyptus

New Home for the Prickly Pear (Transformations with life #15

I’m frequently amazed at what I image when I look at cactus like these: I see buildings, I see people in a crowd, and I see balloons on strings. What I find is all smiles. I catch myself smiling at these little beauties. I catch myself talking to them like pets. I really get a kick out of them.

I placed this one in a small porcelain pinch pot I made a while back, Cone 6 electric fired and glazed with a light, brushed on coat of black glossy glaze. It just feels right.

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Dimensions: W – 2″ x D – 2″ x H – 5″

Available to own: $40 (plus shipping and handling)

Reaching for Nirvana (Transformations With Life #14)

Another example of the persistence of life. Like many of my plants, I find them on walk, this time deep in a vast filed of wild growth. This amazing plant was growing out of a dry mud patch. The earth was so dry and hard packed, that I broke the small shovel I was using to try and dig it out. The roots also broke when I pulled it up. I played it in a vase of water, in the sun and new roots sprouted in only a few days.

I originally intended to use a forming wire to shape the truck so it would grow in a more traditional bonsai shape, but when I planted it, the natural form it took pleased me so much, I didn’t want to change. It feels as if it’s stretching to stand tall and tell us how strong it can be, despite the adversity of being uprooted.

The pot is hand-built and tapped to form a sturdy base. Made from a heavily groged stoneware body called Sheba Raku. It stays a nice white when unglazed. I wanted that white to remain and add extra contrast for the brightly glazed interior. I splotched and splattered the outside surface with pure pigment stains, iron oxide, and a manganese infused engobe.

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Dimensions (bowl): D – 3: x W – 3″ x H – 3″

Available to own: $50 (plus shipping and handling)