Minimalism With A Twist of Lemon

Bauhaus Minimalist Set

  • Original Materials: Laminated (pine veneer) plywood, with pine legs.
  • Refinished With: Charcoal Black Milk Paint for the drawer faces & sides, Canary Yellow Furniture Paint for inside the drawers, the shelves, and legs.
  • Dimensions: a) Sideboard W – 42″ (107cm), D – 13.75″ (35cm), H – 20″ (50cm); b) Side tables W – 21.5″ (55cm), D – 13.75 (35cm), H – 20″ (50cm).
  • Retail Price: $500.00

I almost didn’t take this set of sideboard and side tables, because it lacked pizzazz. Something told me there was more to it and since they were small, I grabbed them to see what I could make of them.

It helped greatly that the owner told me the story of their origins: his uncle was a master cabinet maker who came to canada after the Second World War to make a house full of beautiful furniture for his much beloved and soon to be married brother. While simple in design, it is crafter with the precision of a German Engineered car. The hand of the artisan is felt in every joint and hinge. Even the glass tops seem to be hand polished and beveled.

As usual, my wife loved the simple design of them and urged me to work on them right away. By know you know that means, she wanted to keep them somewhere in out home (a.k.a. The Gallery) . So, I started with a good sanding.

The wood came out crisp and clear. It was also clear how thin the veneer was, as the 120 grit sandpaper went easily through it. So, not I had the challenge of making it look clean. I started with stains and finishing waxes, but nothing masked the ruined veneer for me. Oh, well, I’m a perfectionist. Then the voice of un-reason called out to take more chances with it, and I started testing new Chalk paints on them. It turned out even better than I expected. Now they need a new home! Will it be yours?


Art Nouveau Meets Shabby Chic

Well, It’s Sort Of Rococo with a twist…

Modern Rococco Display Tables 2

  • Original Materials: Solid Mahogany Wood, with a walnut veneer (only the tabletop)
  • Refinished With: Bubblegum Pink Furniture Paint and Glossy Black Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: W – 19″ (29cm), D – 19″ (29cm), H – 27″ (69cm)
  • Retail Price: $250.00 each or $400.00 for the pair

Someone somewhere had some fun designing this melange of styles. At first glance, the Spanish Modernist lines weren’t very clear to me, so I decided they needed a little push to bring them out.

Before - Rococco Display Tables

It felt like the craftsman lost his vision when it came to finishing the piece, so he added a some extra Art Deco ornamentation and an oddly Mid-Century Modern veneer to the table top. The whole thing felt a little hodge-podge to me.

The owner said it was brought over from Eastern Europe during the first world war, but that felt a little off. They said it belonged to their Mother and she told different stories about it, so they felt it may have some dubious origin. The underside was sanded clean of all marks and only the evidence of the whole thing having been hand-carved remained. It apparently lived in the Mom’s bedroom, or as one of the owners joked, her boudoir. Well, that joke planted a seed for my design choices. The fact that after hours of sanding off the shellac, I could not clean the whole piece to my satisfaction. Then there was the strange veneer on the top that just looked terrible when sanded. So, I decided they needed colour.

I found this thick and delicious bubblegum pink furniture paint. It was glossy and wet looking, even when dry, and I knew it would make these pieces totally unique. The high-gloss top is all polyurethane.

A perfect finish for any trendy cafe, restaurant, hair salon, or gift shop. Or the focus piece in an adventurous home.