Reaching for Nirvana (Transformations With Life #14)

Another example of the persistence of life. Like many of my plants, I find them on walk, this time deep in a vast filed of wild growth. This amazing plant was growing out of a dry mud patch. The earth was so dry and hard packed, that I broke the small shovel I was using to try and dig it out. The roots also broke when I pulled it up. I played it in a vase of water, in the sun and new roots sprouted in only a few days.

I originally intended to use a forming wire to shape the truck so it would grow in a more traditional bonsai shape, but when I planted it, the natural form it took pleased me so much, I didn’t want to change. It feels as if it’s stretching to stand tall and tell us how strong it can be, despite the adversity of being uprooted.

The pot is hand-built and tapped to form a sturdy base. Made from a heavily groged stoneware body called Sheba Raku. It stays a nice white when unglazed. I wanted that white to remain and add extra contrast for the brightly glazed interior. I splotched and splattered the outside surface with pure pigment stains, iron oxide, and a manganese infused engobe.

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Bonsai on a Coral Reef (Transformations With Life #13)

This little plant was hard to catch. It was hiding in a dry patch of a massive field of wild flowers. I’m not certain, but it might be a baby smoke bush. There are some bigger trees with similar leaves nearby, or maybe they are overgrown bushes. Anyway, they are growing wild in this field. Late in the fall they tend to grow very dark purple (almost black) berries that start off green with reddish bruises on them, and slowly blacken and desiccate throughout the winter. The closeup of the small tree sitting in the moss always reminds me of islands.

The small clay pot was custom glazed with a deep turquoise/ sea-green glaze that looks like ocean water in the sun. The pot itself, is a pinch-pot construction of stoneware clay, taped at the base to make a more sturdy foot, and when still wet, rolled in bits of broken & un-fired porcelain clay. After bisque firing, I used a paintbrush to splotch on some porcelain engobe with iron oxide in it for colour. I’m not sure how this will grow, so I haven’t yet added the usual wire to guide the shape of the branches. I will do that when it shows what it want to do, in a few months or a year.

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The Island (Transformations With Life #12)

During my walk this morning, I deviated through a buggy and bushy field. I came across this tenacious little tree growing in a dry patch. It looked like an island of life in the sea of dead grass. They it hit me that it could be even more of an island. I decided to combine in with one of my ceramic bowls and continue my Transformations series. I cleaned off the roots and planted it in new earth with lots of water and some moss on top to retain the moisture.

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A Single Thought (Transformations With Life #11)

I found this tiny maple tree growing like a weed near my desk in the backyard. It hoped up from nowhere and seemed to have something important to say, but it had no voice. I still had one of hundreds of small shot classes I made a few years ago that felt like a perfect choice to give this little thinker his voice.

A Single Thought

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A Single thought
A Single Thought
A Single Thought

Reimagined Office Garden (Transformations With Life #10)

R-thin bowl 09-009
Paper Bowls 

Above is the original bowl. It was sitting uncomfortably in a display case among others in my ceramic series called Paper Bowls. About a week ago my lovely wife came home with some plants from her office that had been damaged by the cleaning lady and she asked me to replant them into some dull and unremarkable around pots. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some beauty and give her something more. So I transformed the ceramic bowl into a small garden for her.

Reimagined Office Garden by ArtsMPerron