The Funky Sock Set Of Drawers

Well, where else would you put your funky socks?

Old side table commode

This little guy may have been left neglected in some basement for years, but it practically shouted out what it wanted to become when I saw it on the side of the road: “I want to be loved and I’ll even be a special set of drawers for your socks!”

I wonder if it knew I had an obsession with crazy socks that drives my all too understanding wife to question my taste in clothing.

  • Original Materials: Solid Maple Wood
  • Refinished With: Robyn’s Egg Blue Milk Paint for the drawer faces & Peach Furniture Paint for inside the drawers. The wood is coated with MinWax Dark Finishing Wax. The drawer handles have been replaced with brushed nickel knobs
  • Dimensions: W – 15″ (38cm), D – 13.75″ (35cm), H – 26″ (66cm)
  • Retail Price: $225.00

I couldn’t find any branding marks and the remnants of the old label was faded beyond recognition. It appears to be from the early half of the twentieth century, however the handles that I found on it don’t appear to be original either. They are cast brass in a craftsman style. It’s conceivable this little dresser is much older.

Despite it’s obvious state of  neglect, it was without water stains, dents, or chipping of any kind, and the inside of the drawers were clean and dry. Someone at some time loved this little guy and kept him healthy.

I think it would also make a fun and unique little side table with a crazy lamp on it to contrast the simple elegance of it.




Classy Design Recaptured In A Mid-Century Modern Commode

The Story of a Rediscovered Classic Designer

Refurnbished Kroehler Dresser 2

  • Original Materials: Solid Birch, Maple, & Walnut, with Oak veneer & composite board in the door.
  • Refinished With: Robin’s Egg Blue Latex Paint, Minwax Dark Finishing Wax
  • Dimensions: W – 58″ (147cm), D – 17.75″ (45cm), H – 31″ (79cm)
  • Retail Price: $1,299.00

This beautiful dresser sat in my parent’s guest-room for nearly forty years, mostly neglected. As far as I know, no one ever looked at it much, but my Mom loved it all the same. Of course, before I got it, it was painted with an opaque brown varnish that all but obliterated the luscious grain of the wood veneers.

Refurnbished Kroehler Dresser 1

To my surprise, the wood beneath the oak veneer was a combination of birch and maple.  In sanding down the veneers, we get to see some glorious joinery and the signs of a true master cabinet-maker.

Refurnbished Kroehler Dresser 5 Kroehler has been making custom, high-end cabinets and furniture for well over a century and my Mom only knew it was something special, because the friend who gave it to her said: “We bought it in the ’50ies and it was expensive. We went to the manufacturer in the states to get it.” After doing a little research, it appears it was expensive for that time and now. It seems to have sold at that time for over $1,000.00 USD. And they bought a whole set of many custom made cabinets that went to their children. I’d love to see those!

The drawers are all solid wood and are made with maple for the small drawers, and the big ones look to be fronted with walnut.

Refurnbished Kroehler Dresser 4

It currently is being loved by my daughter in her room, where she is carefully cleaning and enjoying it.