The Wardrobe (Elevated from an old commode)

Take a little time hunting through my “Repurposed” posts on The New Renaissance Mindset and you’ll find an ambitious project I started last summer. I salvaged this old rundown cabinet that was tossed in the garbage.

The Old Commode before

It was in a pitiful state and I di in fact take pity on it. I dragged it home in a wheelbarrow, with the help if my wife and daughter. We set it down in the driveway and I quickly dove into it. First taking it apart and gently shooing out the wildlife that infested it, then carefully disinfecting it with very hot vinegar water. I sat to dry for a few days in my garage, before I sanded away the warn and gummy layers of shellac. Then it sat in the garage amidst a load of other projects until this Spring.

The Old Commode during

I brought into the house and painted the inside with turquoise chalk paint and went hunting for new handles. A much harder hunt than I expected. So, I used some cool hammered pewter spray paint to transform the handles and knob. I reassembles the whole thing in my foyer where it now stands waiting for our coats, hats, scarves, and visitors approval.

Dimensions: W – 36″ x H – 65.5″ x D – 20.5″

Available to Own: $2,250.00 (shipping and handling not included)


Don’t Panic, We’re In This Together (Transformations with Life #18)

Leave pieces out long enough and Mother Nature starts to add her own touches everything you make. I was inspired by some pieces I made for my dad’s garden, that slowly started to crack, get covered with mosses, and become homes for all sorts of plants and wildlife. These never went into the garden, much less outdoors, but I felt they would make excellent additions to my transformations series.

Here’s another never vase I made in my last firing many years ago that went right into storage, because of a move. It is one of very few pieces I made with a hand-made glossy black glaze on a stoneware body.

Dimensions: W – 6″ x H – 9″ x D – 4″

Available to own: $250 (plus shipping & handling, if applicable)

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The Reaching Pot – Transformations with Life #9

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to repurpose this small tea bowl. It was very nicely done, comfortable in the hand, and with a beautiful blue crackle glaze. This early pot got very close to some of the early Korean pots I was inspired by. When I added this little indoor hanging plant, I wasn’t sure how it would react, much less how it would grow. I thought it would hang down over the sides and cover the pot. Well, I was off the mark on that one. Wishing an hour of being transplanted, the plant raised its arms and seemed to grow before my eyes. It’s been happy there ever since.

Dimensions (bowl): W – 3″ x D – 3″ x H – 3″

Sold: $50

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The Forest Floor – Transformations with Life #8

After planting the four maple seedlings I added some garden moss to keep the soil moist and then I put it in the sun. A few days later other plants started to grow. It looks very much like the floor of the forest with the trees high about and tons of life struggling fort a little sun under the canopy.

The pot is equally alive with textures imitating the magic that occurs in an Anagama kiln, but done in an electric kiln. Old shards of porcelain are fused into the sides and patches of iron oxide emulate natures hand when the flames and smoke paint the pots in a wood fired kiln. I’m very happy with this one.

Dimensions (bowl): W – 3.5″ x D – 3.5″ x H – 3″

Sold: $75

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Little Trees – Transformations with Life #4

I have all these little maple trees growing all over my yard. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Now I have a few ideas. Always fascinated with Bonsais, I thought I could possibly do my own with a Canadian twist. Taking some of my electric-fired, Raku-styled tea bowls and using them as pots just seemed to make sense, especially since I’ve been getting so many ideas from Pinterest to do just this.

Dimensions (bowl): W – 3.5″ x D – 3″ x H – 3.5″

Sold: $70

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